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Plastic Surgery Egypt
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About Surgery Egypt

Surgery Egypt is located in the heart of Cairo offering a wide range of medical services for patients worldwide looking for an arranged healthcare holiday in Egypt. We offer an ample range of services for general and plastic surgery at the best hospitals with the last of medical technologies and comfortable infrastructures.  The surgeries are done by accredit plastic surgeons with the best level of ethics, professional values and human care.

Our Mission

Excellence, Quality, Service and Fair costs is the mission of Surgery Egypt


  • Excellence

Surgery Egypt is firmly committed to you in a place full of peace, harmony and tropical beauty which makes your recovery speedy, comfortable and above all, feels like home.


  • Quality

Surgery Egypt guarantees you the best quality service you can find around from the moment you arrive to the moment you depart.  
We carefully choose our hospitals with quality medical services from the doctors to the nurses, and we are dedicated to serve of first quality, effective and efficient services from transfer, accommodation, flights, evaluations and appointment bookings.


  • Service

We are offering an online consultation to know if you are a candidate for the surgery.

We are also responsible for booking your appointment with the Doctor at the hospital that is best for you. We also offer transfers, hotel bookings and airline tickets for your convenience.

All our services are FREE and payments for surgeries are made directly to the hospital; all you need to do is CONTACT US and we will take care of you.


  • Fair Cost

Medical tourism in Egypt is very cheap.  You can save more than 70% on surgeries  and tourism in Egypt more than any other country.

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