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Plastic Surgery Egypt

Arms lift Egypt (Brachioplasty)

Arm Lift Egypt is a procedure to lift and remove the loose skin from the arms.

Price: 2,880 US$
Stay in Egypt: 10 days
Stay in Hospital: 1 night
Combined Procedures: Liposuction, Thighs Lift


  • Loose upper arm skin is often related to weight loss.

  • Overweight, people more than likely develop heavy upper arms.

  • The skin on the upper arm stretches in order to accommodate the increased volume of the upper arms.

  • After weight loss, skin often fails to tighten.

  • You can improve this problem through an arm lift (Brachioplasty)

The procedure for Arms Lift

  • Arms lift , or brachioplasty, is a procedure to remove excess skin and fat, leaving a scar on the inside of the arm. To begin the process our plastic surgeon makes an incision in the arm where by which removes excess skin and fatty tissue tensing muscles. Once the arm this smooth and sleek, the incisions are closed and begins recovery.

What to expect from Arms lift?

  • Tightened hands

  • Tighten the loose skin


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