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Plastic Surgery Egypt


Thighs Lift Egypt can give more smoothness to the skin of the thigh and raise distended tissue off. This text will give you a basic understanding of the procedure - when it can help, as it did, and what results to expect.

It may not answer all your questions, since it depends on the individual circumstances of each patient. In the initial consultation we will explain all the specifics of your case. .

Price: 3,520 US$
Stay in Egypt: 10 days
Stay in Hospital: 2 nights
Combined Procedures: Tummy Tuck, Liposuction


  • Thighs lift Egypt is a surgical procedure designed to improve the shape and smoothness of the legs for the following reasons:

  •  Improves the body contour of a woman or man who, for personal reasons, I think the skin on your thighs is off-hook.

  •  Correct a reduction in the volume of the legs and thighs after a major reduction in weight.

  •  Allows the use of certain clothing and swimsuits, with legs in very poor condition

The procedure for Thighs lift Egypt

  • The method of performing traction of the skin of the leg depends on your anatomy, your problems and our recommendations. The incision can be made only on the inside of the thigh near the groin or it may be necessary to carry a buttocks fold. Sometimes in the thighs and buttocks lifting it may be necessary to make it circular.

  • Do not forget, however, that further cuts should be proportional to the amount of skin removed with no more scars. The choice is made with the objective of making the incision; and it is placed so that the scars are less visible as possible.

  • In the event that the scars are long it is necessary to balance the obvious improvement in body contouring with the existence of such scars. We will explain the situation so you can objectively assess the improvement

  • The incisions are made to ensure that the scars are less visible as possible at the crease in the groin or buttocks fold.

  • Through an incision liposuction is performed to facilitate traction of the skin and remove the skin.

  • It is important to discuss pros and cons of each of the techniques to understand the implications of the procedure that we recommend.

  • The surgery usually takes two to three hours. Closes the wound with a suture buried and then wrap the legs with a plastic bandage for two or three days to allow the healing to be correct.

  • After surgery, the legs and thighs and buttocks scars will fade with time.

What to expect from Thighs lift surgery?

  • The decision to perform a lifting of the thighs is highly personal, even people who may not understand what matters is how you feel with a better silhouette. If you get your goals and expectations, the surgery was a success.

How to prepare for thighs lift Egypt

  • 8 hours fasting prior to surgery

  • Avoid medications, antibiotics and other drugs.

  • Refrain from smoking and alcohol consumption 2 weeks before the surgery..


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