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Plastic Surgery Egypt

Breast Implants Egypt

Breast implants Egypt, technically known as mammoplasty augmentation is a surgical procedure to improve the size and figure of the breasts in women. Before undergoing this surgery, think carefully and discuss your expectations with your plastic surgeon.

Price: 3,880 US$
Stay in Egypt: 7 days
Stay: Day Case
Combined Procedures: Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck, Lipo


  • In your initial consultation, the surgeon will evaluate your overall condition and will explain the surgical technique that is appropriate for you based on the conditions of your breasts and skin tone.

  • Discuss in clear your expectations with your surgeon. Be frank with him, mention if you smoke, take any medications, vitamins or other drugs.

  • The plastic surgeon should also tell you the type of anesthesia that is used, the facilities of the place where the event will take place and operating costs.

  • You will have to stay one night at the hospital for breast implants Egypt.

The procedure for Breast Implants Egypt surgery

  • The method to insert and place the breast implant will depend on your anatomy and the surgeon's recommendations.

  • The incision can be made at the sub-mammary fold, around the areola or in the armpit level. Whatever the route of insertion, the aim will be to place the implant with the smallest scar possible.

  • Once the incision is done, the surgeon will separate the breast tissue and the skin to create a pocket directly behind the mammary gland or behind the wall of the chest muscle (pectoralis major muscle).

  • Your doctor will explain the pros and cons of whether or not to place implants behind the muscle wall.

  • The procedure can last between one to two hours. During the first 24 to 48 hours, you will feel tired or sore. But this discomfort easily treated by common analgesics, which are prescribed after surgery.

  • You will use a bandage for several days and then must use a special bra for several weeks.

  • The stitches will be removed in about 7 days, but the swelling in your breasts may take about 3 to 5 weeks.

What to expect from Breast Implants Egypt?

  • For most patients, the breast implants in Egypt can be highly rewarding.

  • Each year thousands of women achieve great success with this fantastic technique.

  • The decision to undergo this procedure is only yours and maybe many do not understand that.

  • The important thing is that you feel safe in this regard. In this way the surgery will be successful.

  • An improved body image can give you more confidence in yourself and more confidence in dealing with others.


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