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Plastic Surgery Egypt


Over the years, various factors such as pregnancy, lactation and the effect of gravity exert their action on the breasts of women. As the skin is losing elasticity, the breasts tend to lose their shape and firmness and begin to fall.

Breast lift Egypt also known as mastopexy is a procedure which aims to reshape and lift the droopy breasts. If your breasts are small or have lost volume, breast implants (prostheses) may be placed simultaneously to breast lift to shape and give firmness to the bust.

Price: 3,520 US$
Stay in Egypt: 10 days
Stay in Hospital: 2 nights
Combined Procedures: Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction, Lipo


  • The scars are permanent; however, the surgeon usually has special care to make them less visible.

  • Remember again that this procedure is not permanent and that the effects of pregnancy, gravity, aging and weight changes may further affect the status of your breasts.

The procedure for BReast Lift surgery

  • The surgery lasts an hour and a half to three hours.

  • There are several techniques for a breast lift in Egypt. The surgeon will decide which is most appropriate for your case.

  • The incision outlines the area of the skin of the breast that will be removed and defines the new position of the nipple.

  • When the excess skin is resected, the nipple and areola are placed in a higher position.

  • The skin surrounding the areola is brought down and deals with stitches to shape the breast.

  • Patients with small breasts are rarely candidates for periareolar incisions.
    In this case the placement of breast implants or prostheses will be behind the breast tissue or behind the pectoral muscle.

What to expect from Breast Lift surgery?

  • Increased self-confidence from a new profile - patients often say they are happy to have photos taken of themselves with their new nose and new found confidence!

  • Increased self esteem.

  • Harmony of appearance and correct the asymmetry of your facial features.

  • Correction of sporting injuries


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