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Plastic Surgery Egypt

FOREHEAD LIFT Egypt (Brow Lift)

Forehead Lift Egypt or stretching of the forehead is a procedure that improves and restores the youthful and fresh appearance of your frontal area. This procedure corrects the eyebrow falls and improving expression lines that make a person look tired, sad or angry.

Price: 1,778 US$
Stay in Egypt: 8 days
Stay in Hospital: Day care
Combined Procedures: Facelift, Eyelid Surgery, Neck lift


  • The wrinkles will disappear

  • Scars hidden with the hair and fade in time

  • A forehead can improve the appearance of the whole face

  • Most patients who undergo this surgical procedure are pleased with their results, regardless of the technique

  • Make sure your surgeon to clarify all doubts and concerns you have. Ask!

  • Brow Lift Egypt is sometimes done in conjunction with facial rejuvenation surgery (Facelifts) or a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).

The procedure for Forehead Lift

  • Your plastic surgeon will decide which technique you use to achieve the best results.

  • Before starting the surgery, your hair is tied up (if you have long hair) on each side of the line of incision.

  • It starts at the top of the ear and continues toward the front to the other ear using a standard headset.

  • This incision is usually behind the line of implantation of the hair and therefore the scar is invisible.

  • Through this incision the surgeon lift the skin on the forehead and corrects the tissue and muscles that are below it.

  • The eyebrows may also be elevated and excess skin is resected, thus giving you a more youthful appearance.

What to expect from Forehead lift Surgery surgery?

  • Increased self-confidence from a new face with no wrinkles

  • Increased self esteem.


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