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Plastic Surgery Egypt


Jaw reduction Egypt is a plastic surgery where the plastic surgeon narrows the lower one third of the face to reduce the size of an enlarged mandible.

Price: 4,640 US$
Stay in Egypt: 10 days
Stay in Hospital: 1 nights
Combined Procedures: Chin Liposuction, Chin Implant


  • The incisions are usually inside the mouth, through the lower gum, along the jaw.

  • The scars are therefore invisible.

The procedure for Jaw Reduction surgery

  • The surgeon access the bone of the jaw through an incision in the lower gums.

  • Diminishes the thickness of the bone with special instruments and, if necessary, cut the corners of the angles on both sides of the face to reduce its height in the rear, which additionally gives the jaw a distinctively feminine curved edges.

  • Masseter muscles, if they are too bulky, can be reduced by cutting a portion of them.

  • Usually this surgery is combined with chin liposuction, in order to achieve a harmonious continuity between these two sides of the face are so much related to one another.

  • In patients older than 40 years who have lost elasticity in the skin may need a face lift and / or a neck lift to tighten the excess skin.

Recovery from Jaw Reduction surgery?

  • During the first one or two days you must follow a liquid diet and then go to a soft diet.

  • It is very important to look after the health of your gums lower injury until the close: to prevent the proliferation of bacteria in your mouth, do not eat dairy products nor eat raw vegetables or meat that is not well cooked. Rinsing your mouth with an antiseptic liquid will help you.

  • If you do not mind being seen with her face swollen, you can return to your social life a week after surgery. But you can wait until the second or third week before doing any heavy work or exercise.

  • Sleeping with your head elevated during the first few days can help the process of recovery.

  • Applying ice will help too much.

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