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Who are the best candidates for plastic surgery?

The best candidates to undergo any plastic surgery are those who are in good health with real expectations as to the results of the surgery and who are aware of the limitations of medicine, technology and the characteristics of each patient. Only then the patient will feel comfortable with the results of surgery.

How soon can I return to work after my operation?

The recovery period for a plastic surgery procedure depends on each individual and varies from patient to patient. Some procedures allow the patient to return to work in about 2 days, while other requires 1 to 2 weeks to enable the person to return to their jobs.

All stretch marks can be removed?

Stretch marks corresponds to the damage of the collagen in the skin so it behaves like a scar, which, like any other scar origin is impossible to erase. While their appearance may be improved, such as the color and texture over time, there is no procedure that permanently deletes them, and the only option is surgical procedure which included removing the skin. There are alternative treatments that can help accelerate the recovery process of the appearance of the stretch mark such as ultrasound or endermologie, but still never eliminates them.

What type of anesthesia is used?

There are several types of anesthesia: local, regional, general. Each of them is in a different way and its purpose is to avoid feeling pain during surgery. Each procedure has certain options for anesthesia, but it is important to have that the surgeon determines the type according to individual characteristics and background of each patient, which can be more convenient for you. An anesthesia performed by experts, with adequate technical support is safe in any of the alternatives. Doubts about the characteristics of each type of anesthesia may be explained on the consultation with the surgeon.

Can I look like Brad Pitt or Michel Pfeiffer?

Plastic surgery can offer dramatic results in a patient with real expectations and goals. For many, the results can be miraculous. Thinking that you can be transformed to look like another person, is something that you can find in fiction novels and Hollywood movies. Plastic surgery focuses on improving the image of individuals based on their anatomical characteristics and not to completely change the physical look to others.

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