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Plastic Surgery Egypt


Gynecology surgeries for women could be four types:

Reduction Labiaplasty: 300 US$
Posterior Vaginal Repair: 350 US$
Uterine Suspension: 1,000 US$ / 1 night stay
A/P Repair: 1,200 US$ including 4 nights stay

What is?

  • Reduction Labiaplasty: is a procedure for all women who has problems with large labia or asymmetrical labia or any other related female genital issues. The procedure reduces the outwardr appearance and the mishaped parts.

  • Posterior Vaginal Repair: also known as vaginoplasty is or vaginal rejuvenation is another procedure that will help women that had muliple pregnancies with tightening and enhance the sensations of the vagina.

  • Uterine Suspension: is a procedure for Treatment Uterovaginal Prolapse for women suffering from uterine prolapse and want uterine preservation.

  • A/P Repair: is anterior vaginal wall repair procedure (also known as olporrhaphy- repair of vaginal wall; Cystocele repair) is done to tightens the anterior walls of the vagina. It is done to help with the sinking of the bladder into the vagina, or the sinking of the urethra into the vagina.


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