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Plastic Surgery Egypt


Lasik Egypt or lasik eye surgery in Egypt is one of the most popular corrective eye surgery around.

Price: 1,800 US$
Stay in Egypt: 10 days
Stay in Hospital: Outpaitent
Combined Procedures:Liposuction


  • LASIK stands for Laser-ssisted In Situ Keratomileusis which is the name of surgery  to change the vision error by revealing cover of the front of the cornea.

  • Then, an excimer laser  will be used by doctors for changing cornea's curve to be deeper as they have computed; after that, folding back the middlesection of the cornea as it liked.

  • From this method, patients will have perfect focusing power like they wear glasses or contact lenses.

The procedure for Lasik surgery

  • LASIK is a surgical method that uses a knife. It is used to cut a flap in the cornea to reshape types of refractive errors of cornea which are Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism.

  • Microkerotome is surgical mean that used to cut out the layer of cornea to be 1/3 or about 1.6 millimeters .

  • After folding up the front of cornea.

  • Doctors will use the excimer laser to reshape the bend of layer of the cornea at a predetermined depth as they computed.

  • Laser will reshape by reducing the bend of stroma to be deeper.

  • In the other hand , for Hyperoria, laser will bend up the stroma, and for Astigmatism, laser will shape the bend of cornea to be decent .

  • Doctors will fold back revealing the stroma after reshaping as it was placed by not to suture because it will bind and heal itself physically.

How to Prepare for Lasik Egypt?


  • Remove Soft Contact Lens at least 3 days before

  • Remove Hard Contact Lens at least 1 week before

  • For 3 hours-checking, it is necessary to dilate the iris of the eye so  you should not drive because you will have imperfection in the focusing power after check up about 3-4 hours.

BEfore Lasik Egypt?


  • Inform before if you cannot come on the day of appointment.

  • Bathing and washing before coming. Do not put on makeup on your  face and do not wear perfume.

  • Remove Soft Contact Lens before LASIK at least 3 days and for Hard Contact Lens at least 7 days.

  • Wearing easy clothes to remove. Front-split cloth is suitable.

  • Eating as you wish but after LASIK, if you are hungry, you have to drink.

  • Bring your company to look after you.

  • In case of irregular symptoms for example pink eyes, eyewinker, flu, cough, sneeze, fever, you have to inform the doctors.

After Lasik Egypt?


  • After the process about 60-90 minutes, your eyes  will be painful and you also have sore eyes like there is dust in your eyes, Maybe tearing as well.

  • You should take analgesics or sleeping pills, and sleep about 6 hours to reduce the pain

  • Doctor will band your eyes for not touching and do not remove the bandage until the next day.

  • You have to remove it  at the LASIK center only.

  • You should set aside your hair if you have long hair.

  • Do not using your eyes within 24 hours continually after LASIK, for example driving, reading, watching or using computer because it can make you feel irritated

  • Using eye-closer while sleeping for 7 days for not touching your eyes.

  • Avoid dusty places or smoking-area at least  for 7 days.

  • After LASIK, you can do everything as normal  but not to carry heavy stuff or be in motion more that make sweat in your eyes.

  • In the first week of LASIK, avoid wearing cloth by head-down. Do not put on make up by your eyes and be careful of  water that can harm your eyes.

  • Do not swim at least  for 1 month

  • Protect your eyes from dust and to relax by Sun-glasses at least for 1 month.


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